Commissions for private and corporate clients

“An original artwork in a lobby or in a meeting room is a statement and a way to affirm a company’s identity in a very efficient and enjoyable way”

Art leasing

For a modest rental of 15 % of the sale value of a work of art, you can display an original work of art in your lobby or office for 6 months.

The leasing period can be extended by agreement and the art work can be purchased at the end of the period on beneficial terms.

During the period of the lease, the lessee is responsible for the care and insurance of the work and will be returned to Christine Maudy t in its original condition, as described in Christine Maudy condition report.

Christine Maudy will deliver the work and be responsible for its collection in the Brisbane and Sunshine Coast area. Delivery to and collection from locations outside these area will be at the expense of the lessee.

A copy of the full leasing agreement can be supplied on request.

Genesis 1 2 3 & 4

Sundance #3 ~ Collection BP Sydney


“Hi I just got back (from travel abroad) at 6 am and am now at job installing your paintings and just wanted to tell you that the client and all staff at British Petroleum really love the works. Congratulations! I’ll send pics its looking amazing:)”
Txt message from Alison Holland – Commisionaire Sydney March 2008

Anembo A quiet place

The Spirit Of The Land ~ Collection BP Sydney


“We received Ataraxia yesterday in perfect condition. This is most certainly the right painting for us as BOTH my husband and I LOVE it, which is not normally the case with artwork. The blue shades are all so perfect and gives me a sense fluid tranquility. WE can’t wait to get it on the wall as it will transform the room. We will hang it this weekend!
Thank you and we look forward to visiting the gallery in Melbourne for more of your works.
Best wishes,
“S.” Customer Hong Kong

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