“I am passionate about creativity. My experience as a visual artist, a Reiki teacher and a committed yoga  and meditation practitioner has given me a unique approach. I organise regular themed workshops, artists retreats and I am also available for private sessions and mentoring.”

Do you want to have a fun day painting, drawing, learning the art of composition, how to develop a theme and use colours with an experimented artist? Accomplished Visual Artist Christine Maudy offers you to expand your creative horizon, get rid of mindsets and let your inspiration flow following her guidance. The artist runs regular workshops on a beautiful property on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. The Sunshine Coast’s special light, sub- tropical vegetation and climate make it the perfect place for an inspiring week-end or holiday.
Enjoy a holiday and expand your creative horizon!
Accommodation possible(B & B) For all enquiries contact us

All workshops are suitable for beginners and experienced artists. Christine is also a Mentor and offers personal sessions to those wanting to achieve a project or to create significant change in their life. For details visit Living Inspired

2015 Workshops

workshops in landscape and abstract art

Expression and Landscape in Mixed Media

2 day workshop

Research, composition, developping a theme, drawing, Painting

We are constantly making sense of ourselves and our surroundings. Art reveals to us how those experiences may be profoundly meaningful. The focus will be on creative intuition and expression of emotions. Painting what is felt opposed to what is seen. Using material sourced on the 14 acres property, students will aim at developing a personal language to translate their view of a landscape. The day will be share in discussions, research and work on paper. A follow up workshop will be organise for those wishing to develop a work on canvas.

Light lunch & afternoon tea provided.

Next workshops: TBA
Price: $220

Early bird and discount cards Price: $200 before 2/08/14.

living inspired workshop

Expressing Your Dreams Through Mixed Media and Collage

1 day workshop

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”.  Eleanor Roosevelt

Expressionism and Symbolism introduced dream imagery into visual art. Many of Surrealist artist Dali’s paintings were dream-inspired.

Do you want to have a fun day learning the art of composition,  collage, how to develop a theme with an experimented artist? Join me and expand your creative horizon, get rid of mindsets and let your inspiration flow!
A day to experience painting, drawing and collage freely, without judging or anticipating the result. Through different mediums we will explore the way to best describe our dreams, our hopes.

What is collage?
Collage is a creative method of collecting a variety of materials and exploring how they might be put together into a composition.
The ultimate goal of collage is to assemble a collection of objects and materials and transform them into a new visual form.
The materials used in collage can range from found papers, scraps of fabric, dry leaves and seeds, postcards, photos, stamps, etc. The range of materials and the possibilities of combination are limitless!

There are no prerequisites. The course is open to students of all levels of skill and experience .
You will need to bring your selection of newspaper, scraps of paper, cloth, magazines, printed material, etc All other art supplies (Paint brushes, mediums, drawing paper, small canvases…) are provided.

Next workshop: 17/01/15 from 10 am to 4pm

Number maximum of students: 6

Price: $120

We Are Our Stories

1 day workshop

Along the years, I have learnt that drama doesn’t exist. It is just an interpretation based on our own story and beliefs. Two persons can live the same “catastrophe” and have a different perception and lasting memories of it. We all have the power to change our mind and free ourself from the past by
rewriting their story and change it for a new one where there is no more victim, or failure, but only opportunities to learn, grow and develop new neural pathways of joy, compassion & inner peace.

Through story telling, creative expression and meditation connect to the real you. Learn to discover your real story, trust yourself and take home with you practical exercises to incorporate in your daily life to improve emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Feel connected, passionate and inspired! Learn how to create more joy in your life and start writing and living Your Story.
Next workshops: 9/02/14 from 10 am to 4pm
Price: $90

Early bird and discount cards Price: $80 pay before 9/01/14

The Healing Power of Colors

2 day workshop

Immerse yourself for a weekend in color. Color is formed from light of varying wavelengths and frequencies and each colour has its own particular wavelength and frequency. Evidence of the use of color as a therapy has been found in ancien texts from India, China and even Egypt. Color influences our emotions and our wellbeing and the vibration of each color will help dissolving blockages or imbalance which could be the trigger of physical illness.
We will use visualization, meditation and energy work to help you determine the colors you need to balance your life. You will learn the properies of each color and their effect on our Body, Mind and Spirit.
I will guide you to paint your personal healing artwork using mixed media technique.
Next workshop:TBA


Early bird and discount cards Price: $200 pay before TBA .

Healthy organic lunch & tea provided.

Life, Love & Symbolism

1 day workshop

Expressive Painting, Drawing, Collage Workshop.

A day to look at painting and drawing freely, without judging or anticipating the result. Through different mediums we will explore the way to best describe our own vision and experience of life and love. We will investigate symbols and colours and what they express for each of us. The perception of colour is linked to our culture and of course to our emotions. For many African tribes, knowing that a colour is dry or wet, soft or hard, mute or noisy, happy or sad is far more important than the frontier between yellows ands browns. A fun workshop to experience the liberating use of colour and lines through painting and drawing in mixed media.

Light lunch & afternoon tea provided.

Next workshop: TBA

Early bird and discount cards Price: $120  pay before TBA .

Terms and conditions All amounts quoted are in Australian dollars, Payment accepted via Paypal, EFT or Cheque.
Included in price All tuition fees, light lunch & afternoon Tea
Not included Accommodation, some art materials (a list of materials to bring will be sent upon booking).

Refund and policy Please note that booking are confirmed upon reception of payment. In case of cancellation a deposit of $70 will be retained. This deposit is non-refundable or transferrable. Total payment is non-refundable 2 weeks before workshop but can be transferred on another workshop. Once the workshop has commenced, no refund will be provided.

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